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AR Dog

I always want to have a pet, but due to a lot of reasons, I couldn't. So I wonder if I can create an AR pet so that it can accompany me. If even better, understand my feeling and cure me.

Currently in the market, there are already some ar pet apps.

However, they still rely on screen to interact. Since we can't really touch the virtual pet and feel it, using voice to interact with it is a more intuitive way.

In the final project, I experiment using voice to interact with the dog. Currently, the dog can only respond to my specific commands, for example: sit, get up, lay down, hello, come, go, sad.

I'm satisfied that I make this work, but there are still a lot of things I can do to improve the experience.

For the future, I would like to polish the animation to make it look more vivid and add more AI to the virtual pet.

If possible, I would also like to explore using dialogflow in unity. But then I think the virtual character should be different.


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