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Dialogflow Homework:

Thoughts on podcasts:

This podcast is very interesting.

Imagining real people are behind the smart voice assistants we use everyday was a fun thought experiment. Whoever are behind mine would likely just be bored crazy with me asking about weather updates several times a day.

But I don't think this kind of things will happen in the future. Apple, Google or Facebook won't choose a real human to act as Siri, Google Home or .... as assistant.

The reason is very simple, if users know that the virtual assistant is real people, then they will treat it as real human and expect it to answer as intelligent as human beings. Also this may also arise a lot of other issues, like sexual harrassment, repetitive work and etc..

The reason we want robot to be assistant, it's because its advantage of computing. It can free us from simple, repetitive and boring work and task, and at the same time, it has larger memory than human that can handle a lot of other things. We should keep in mind the reason why we want the assistant, and design our technology as it.

But I do agree that “I think the idea of what we’re doing here is that, [while we shape these] devices and technologies, they’re also shaping us.”

We might be changed ideas by the technology we make.


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