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Thoughts on voice-controlled games

I played two games: Chicken Scream and One Hand Clapping. They are both platformer games and uses voice to go through the level.

Chicken Scream uses input sound to change character's movement. If there is sound, character will move forward. If sound is louder than certain volume, the character will jump. When the level goes up, users need to better use their sound to control character's movement.

For me, this game's highlight is freeing the control from finger to voice. The game is very pressure released.

One Hand Clapping is slightly different. Instead of using voice to control character, it uses voice to change the environment/platform. It also detects whether there is voice or not and the amplitude or pitch of the voice. Usually, the louder/higher the voice, the higher/more of the platform. It keeps traditional mouse/keyboard control.

The highlight is the audio and visual match very well and I can sense the beauty of melody.

The interaction of this two games are very straight forward: call-and-response. For the first game, the content of your sound doesn't matter. It only detects volume. For the second game, the pitch of your sound need to match exactly what it requires for some puzzles.

I think the interaction is very intuitive and easy, but it becomes little boring when keeping playing it. What I expect is instead of call-and-response, the character and the user can have more natural conversations. It requires AI though.




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