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wow final idea


search for the moon

Concept Explanation

different phase/state in life

some moment

Why moon?

The feeling of existing and witnessing. We have changed but the moon is always there never changed.



Analysis of other narrative forms​

Narrative Forms

around 5 min

character with impact

first POV and third POV, transition

both local and global agency

multiple ending, users behavior change the narrative

no dialogue

6DOF(mainly 3DOF, but users can walk around in a small area)

Style Try


this week: interview, story, style for each part

next week: character creation, test for different interaction, scene creation

For Interview

What is the moment in your childhood that you cherish most?

What is the moment that you experience everyday now?

What is the moment that you think made a great difference in your life in the past five years?

What are the three scenes or objects or environments or words that you think of when you hear the word "moon"?

What are the three super powers that you want to have?


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