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motion of Chinese Characters

For the final project of this class, I decided to make motion design for Chinese Characters.

I think Chinese characters are very interesting.

Chinese characters represent words of the language using several strategies. A few characters, including some of the most commonly used, were originally pictograms, which depicted the objects denoted, or ideograms, in which meaning was expressed iconically. The vast majority were written using the rebus principle, in which a character for a similarly sounding word was either simply borrowed or (more commonly) extended with a disambiguating semantic marker to form a phono-semantic compound character.

So according to each character's representation and origin, I created motions for them. Currently, I just finished three of them: woods, rain and wine. I'm going to continue this project, and create more motion for characters.

The final idea is to create an interactive web, combining motion design, motion graphics and interactive web development. I'm going to use not only after effects, but also webGL, shader, cinema4D and some creative coding language, to create motion. Besides, the website is designed for not only Chinese but also others whose first language are not Chinese. So I will add more culture explanation and background information for users to understand each character.


first character - woods


second character - rain


third character - wine


Google Slides for Presentation


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