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Midterm -- looking for the moon

Final Proposal

Looking for the Moon


Some people say that when a person gets lost, there are probably three possibilities. One is to find the guide, the other is to find the same person who lost his way, and the third is to find himself. Isn't it the experience of this kind of confusion and quandary that we all live in?

Are we still struggling to find a guide, asking the seniors to point out the maze? Or is it a fate to meet a fellow patient, and a fluke? Or are we trying to look inward, to see ourselves, to know ourselves, to find ourselves?

These questions always haunt in my mind these few days. Then I got greatly inspired by a book called <the moon and sixpence>.

Charles Strickland, the hero of the moon and sixpence, give me a clear answer. Reading the book, we have to look deeply into ourselves: are we in our lives, the one who only timidly looks up at the moon, and then continues to look down upon the six pennyworth?


What does the moon mean in this project:

For the author of the book <the moon and sixpence>, moon is the symbol of his life-pursing dream and also the symbol of purity, purity of self, purity of life.

But what does moon mean to other people, from different culture?

Moon has many poetic symbols in Chinese culture: homesickness, friendship, love and so on. A lot of poems related with moon are created in Chinese history. Tender and bright moonlight gives people hope and vision.

In Kazakh culture, the moon is a symbol of holiness, loyalty and beauty. People respect the moon, use it to express good wishes, and place some inner expectations. The "moon" is, to some extent, the totem of Kazakhstan. "It is a system of grassland culture, so the moon and the sun, especially the moon, are seen as a scene of their totem and worship. For example, they can't talk with their fingers on the moon. In the evening, for example, I also have this habit in my life, say hello to the moon and pray every day, and this is a silent, inner (activity). When we see the moon, for example, we say, 'the new moon can grow a new hope every day."

In this project, moon doesn't have a fixed meaning. It's like Hamlet, A thousand people have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts. If audiences can have resonance with this project, or find their own interpretation for the moon, the purpose of this project is achieved.

Some possible interpretation for the moon in this project:

- dream

- purity

- hope

- beauty

- loneliness

- homesick


Style/Aesthetics of this project:







Character mood board


Character Setting&Design

Gender: female

Age: 20+

Keyword: lost, dream, reality, identity

model is coming soon


Environment mood board


Audiences in the project

Two states: one is ghost, the other one is character, and there will be a very evident transition between these two states.


Some design choices

no dialogue, use body/facial language, and signs instead

maybe there will be different episodes for this piece, but each of it will take no longer than 5 min


Storyboard & Narrative:

coming soon


midterm: Some Unreal Practice


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