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reading notes 4 & 5

consider spiritual experience


tilt brush @google


When you first launch into Tilt Brush, you’ll find yourself standing on a floor in a dark environment. You always have the option to switch to a blank canvas, but the floor helps ground your understanding of scale and world location. While you can scale your scene like other applications, the world’s vertical rotation is locked, so you’ll always have an intuitive understanding of what is up and down. This locked rotation feature is the main thing I find myself needing with the other design apps. That said, I wish Tilt Brush included an option to unlock rotation so drawing on the underside of things would be easier.


layer system @oculus

oculus medium

like zbrush


Lesson 1: Simple Characters Can Be Compelling

Lesson 2: Visual Design Doesn’t Need Detail to Be Effective

Lesson 3: If a Structure Works, Reuse It

Lesson 4: Interactivity Can Take Many Forms

Lesson 5: Standard Conventions Should Guide Experience

Achievement Unlocked


We propose those of Contingency, Presence, Interactivity and Narrative Representation. By contingency, we mean how far the time and space of the narrative is contingent on real time and space; by presence how far the spectator/user physically shares the time and space of the narrative; by interactivity how far they interact with the story process and by narrative representation the characteristic form of narrative in the medium.



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