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The inspiration comes from a chinese poem and a famous love story. It's coincidence that the assignment of Cabinets of Wonder is to make a diorama, so I combine it with the homework of intro to fabrication.

1.sketches, illustration

2. prototyping

After first try, I found that result looks so common and simple which doesn't match my requirement. So I decided to change material and make a 3D model for simulating the effect I want

3. 3D modeling for testing

I used MAYA to simulate the effect I like.

4. buying new material and laser cutting them

5. layering them

6.adding light

My further step is to add animation to the wave, maybe bird too. I hope to have an effect of fairy tale.

My question and concern: the light currently doesn't look perfect. The color and ambient don't seem very beautiful. How to polish the visual.


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