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Lab 3 & Observation


1. output digital signal to make LED blink

2.use switch as input to control LED

3.analog input 1 using photocell, potentiometer and switch

4.analog input 2 using force sensitive resistor(FSR)


Pick a piece of interactive technology in public, used by multiple people. Write down your assumptions as to how it’s used, and describe the context in which it’s being used. Watch people use it, preferably without them knowing they’re being observed. Take notes on how they use it, what they do differently, what appear to be the difficulties, what appear to be the easiest parts. Record what takes the longest, what takes the least amount of time, and how long the whole transaction takes. Consider how the readings from Norman and Crawford reflect on what you see.

Before I started doing this assignment, I checked other students' observation from other sessions. I found that most of them picked card, ATM, payment method, metro entrance. It was so surprised that I didn't see anything else.

Then I started to think, perhaps we lacked interactive technology in public. I thought back the interactive technology I encountered from the time I woke up till I went to sleep. I found that the most common interactive technology in public is mobile phone. It's the only interactive technology that is used out of specific context and It's interesting that mobile phone is getting to take place of more and more other interactive technology in public. For example, we can use it to pay without using card and ATM anymore. In china, if your mobile phone is connected with your card, you don't need to buy metro card anymore. Just scan your card in your mobile phone in front of the terminal when you enter the metro, it will automatically make a payment. So more and more interactive technology in public can be replaced and will be replaced by mobile phone. It reduces a lot of traffic and waiting time.


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