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Joshua Light Show

“The Most Psychedelic Light Show of All Time!” — Rolling Stone

Brief Introduction

"Following highly successful NYU Skirball performances in 2012 and 2014, the Joshua Light Show returns to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The (in)famous multimedia artist Joshua White and his legendary team of collaborators create live visual masterpieces that move to the sounds of a remarkable roster of musical collaborators. Utilizing signature projection techniques, including lumia and its fabled “liquid light," the JLS improvises an intense visual experience to complement the sensation of live music.

The JLS gained worldwide acclaim as resident artists at Bill Graham’s Fillmore East during the late 1960’s and continued to amaze at Woodstock with the most celebrated musicians of the era. Today, JLS performs across the United States and Europe with the newest generation of music luminaries.

Boss Hog, New York’s punk-blues provacateurs, were formed in 1989 by the rock royalty couple of Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer. Early shows were chaotic and scandalous, setting the tone for the band’s fiery ascent. By 1995, they had reached international fame and released a lauded, major label debut record. In 2017, the band—back with its most familiar lineup (featuring Jens Jurgensen and Hollis Queens)—put out its first LP in nearly 20 years, and are yet again taking New York and the world by storm. Alongside the JLS’s iconic imagery, the band affirms its status as one of the greats.

Dave Harrington Group is an ever-evolving musical project anchored by guitarist Harrington’s forays into experimental rock, progressive jazz, and ambient electronics. Chaotic improvisations surge into tight rhythms, which melt into haunting atmospheres. Harrington, who toured the UK with the Joshua Light Show to great acclaim as one half of the band Darkside, brings together a number of his key New York collaborators and special guests to create a live soundtrack to the light show’s cinematic imagery."

My Feeling

The vibrant color combing with a lot of abstract but symbolic elements, brings me a lot of inspiration, for example: the birth of life, mysterious and old ritual/ceremony, forest carnival, universe, embryo...

Besides I was so amazed by the flow and fluency of liquid with light and color.

Really want to try and learn their techniques if have chance.


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